In our competitive industry, there's a lot to be said of a firm that stays in business for over 10 years.  So what do you expect from a company that spans three decades?  From our inception, we've taken risks, asked questions, and made improvements to the way we operate as a whole. Each leader has left a unique mark on the company, though, it's been focused on continuous improvement to deliver on our commitments.

“ Taking care of your people requires you to remind them of the purpose in the work they do.”

Through the years, we've experienced seasons of incredible growth, hardships and learning. Embracing change and adapting to industry shifts, has helped to fortify our firm and create new opportunities. We've been fortunate to work side-by-side with great people, customers and partners. Therefore, the key to our success has and will always be based on the strength of our people. Everything we do involves Connecting People Through Asphalt.®

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    1982 Chester "Butch" Strickler starts the company.

    After a successful career in the "trades", Chester decides to start a business that would ultimately put the firm on the map.   Early projects included a variety of residential services and municipal work. Shortly after, Chester's son Randy would join him in a partnership that puts Strickler on the map.

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    1989 Randy Strickler purhcases the company— and it grows!

    Randy becomes the Second Generation owner, adding new equipment and people. Forseeing opportunities to perform commercial and residential projects, Within two years, the company triples in growth.

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    1991-2017 Randy & Liz build the foundation together.

    Both Liz and Randy Strickler work to establish the Company as Strickler Excavating, Inc.  The new formation and Liz Strickler's involvment as the Business Administrator, the firm expands into utility contracting & additional commercial paving services.

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    2017-Present Scott Strickler acquires the company.

    Following an eight year career in the US Navy and success in Aviation as a pilot, Scott sought out a new journey. Upon learning of the opportunity to purchase the company from Randy & Liz, decided to accept the challenge.   With strategy in mind, Scott restructures the company with defined business units to enhance market positioning. These moves set the stage for continued growth and beyond.


Our core business is in the asphalt paving space, however, our business units offer solutions in two distinct areas of our industry: Utilapav® offers restoration, and maintenance for underground utility companies. Pavworx®, operates as a total solutions asphalt paving company in the commercial, municipal and specialty markets.


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